It’s All About Research  

Best Cleaners Partners with the Lupus Foundation of MN…

Lupus is a chronic (persisting over a long period of time), inflammatory disease in which the body’s immune system fails to serve its normal protective functions and instead forms antibodies (substances produced by the body to fight bacteria and other foreign substances) that attack healthy tissues and organs.

For over 15 years, Best Cleaners has been working with the Lupus Foundation of MN to bring attention to the chronic autoimmune disease, lupus. Because of their personal connection with lupus by both family members and employees; this local family owned business wants to help raise community awareness of the disease and help the Foundation raise funds for lupus research at the University of Minnesota.


Annual Toys for Tots Collection 

Best Cleaners Agrees – Action Today Builds Tommorrows Leaders

For Americans in every walk of life, Best Cleaners joins the Toys for Tots Team to become a part of the U.S. Marine Corps’ premier community action program and one of the nation’s flagship Christmas charitable causes. Our challenge: be a participator, not a spectator. We believe in doing our part to assist in the development of today’s children so that they will grow into responsible, productive, patriotic citizens and community leaders tomorrow.

Join Us. You will be helping children, your community and your nation. Your action today will help produce leaders for tomorrow. Help us “make a difference”.


The Prop Shop

We are a resale store full of beautiful clothes, household items, books, and furniture — but more than that — we are a nonprofit serving local families. Stop by and explore — it’s the best place around to find great bargains and treasures and a way to support the community too!