All five of the full service dry cleaning facilities, offer a huge variety of cleaning services that many of their competitors do not.
Some of these services include;


Award Winning Dry Cleaning

You can rely on our dry cleaners with over 50 years combined of experience to make your garments look their best. Our state of the art machines and Eco-friendly solution ensure you look your best every time.

State of the Art Shirt Laundry & Pressing

Our experienced cleaners launder and expertly press your shirts. ensuring all stains are removed, colors are bright, and whites are whites.

Comforters & Households

We can handle all of your Household cleaning needs including: Comforters, Blankets, Drapes, Linens, Duvets, Dust Ruffles, Tablecloths, Runners and many more.

Expert Tailoring & Alterations

Take advantage of our expert tailoring and alteration services to help maintain the look of your garments. We repair tears and snags, and replace zippers and buttons so you can get more life out of your garments. Bring your personal style to any garment with our custom fittings, so that your garments look exactly the way you want them to look on you. (Fittings available at our Chanhassen Location).

Wedding gown & prom dress cleaning & alterations

Trust your gown to our bridal team. We provide exceptional cleaning and restoration services as well as special packaging and preservation that keep your cherished items in pristine condition.

Leather, Suede & Fur Cleaning

We can care for all of your favorite Leather and Suede garments. From suede jackets, leather coats, foot wear to designer handbags – we do it all!

Free Pick Up & Free Delivery

All of our services are available for Free Pick Up & Free Delivery. Best Cleaners will pick up, clean and deliver your garments back to you. You don’t even have to be home. This service is a great time saving benefit for you and your family. We serve the SW Metro with our 5 vans and friendly drivers.

Down Pillow Cleaning & Restoration

We can make that old musty Down Pillow like new again. The feathers are sanitized and put into an all new cover.

Shoe Repair & Shining

New Soles or Heels? How about a shine? No problem for our Shoe Repair experts. They can fix rips and most anything

Area Rug Cleaning

No Rug is too big. Our Rug experts use the latest “wet” or “dry” solutions to get your Rugs smelling and looking clean.

Free Button Replacement

We check every garment for loose or missing buttons and replace them for free whenever possible.

Full Service Laundromat (St.Louis Park Locations)

With an attendant always on duty, our Laundromat has 37 Washers and 26 Dryers in many different sizes to meet your needs. A card system means “No More Quarters”. Just load your re-loadable card and start washing.