You know the drill. Dirty clothes are dropped off, and dry cleaned clothes are picked up.

So what does it take to get them looking so good?

Best Cleaners staff use many techniques to ensure that your clothes are returned to you in great condition. When it comes to professional dry cleaning services, there are nine steps to success:

Step 1 – Receive

If I asked if your typical day was hectic, would you reply, “that’s an understatement.”

Well, here’s some news that’s bound to please even the busiest folks.

Best Cleaners has five convenient Minneapolis dry cleaning locations to drop off clothing and even offers drive-thru dry cleaning services in St. Louis Park. Need something even easier? Just schedule dry cleaning pickup and delivery. How great is that?

Step 2 – Tag

Now it’s time for the Minneapolis dry cleaners at Best Cleaners to get to work.

The first point of inspection identifies each item’s individual clothing repair needs. The Best Cleaners team has been trained to analyze clothing labels and thoroughly check for stains, missing buttons, and tears. Also, the inspection detects fiber abnormalities and possible issues with embellishments or dyes.

Find Dry Cleaners - Minneapolis MNStep 3 – Pre-spot

During the second point of inspection, a steam gun, spotting bone, and cleaning agents are used to pre-treat any problem areas on the clothing. The purpose of this step is to remove stains or make stain removal easier during the dry cleaning process. Pre-spot cleaning tackles even the toughest oil and water-based marks.

Step 4 – Dry Clean

Best Cleaners utilizes some of the newest, most innovative machines in the industry. These eco friendly dry cleaning machines use a safe hydro carbon cleaning solvent that dissolves and removes grease, oil, and dirt from clothing. The solvents don’t penetrate clothing fibers in the same way as typical cleaning methods, hence, the term “dry cleaning.”

Step 5 – Press

The third point of inspection occurs at the time of re-shaping, hand pressing, or steaming garments. Each piece is pressed to restore its original shape and bring its appearance to like new condition. While clothing goes through this finishing touch, it’s checked for lint, missing and broken buttons, or any needed clothing repairs.

Find Dry Cleaners - Minneapolis MNStep 6 – Quality Control

At the risk of sounding redundant, it’s time for yet another inspection.

The Best Cleaners dedicated staff next examines each garment to ensure that absolutely nothing was missed in the dry cleaning process. The goal of this step is to return your clothing to the condition it looked when you first pulled it off the rack.

Step 7 – Bag

At the fifth and final point of inspection, a surface assessment is conducted while all tags are removed from the garment. Each order is then double-checked for completeness, neatly bagged in protective wrapping, and correctly invoiced.

Find Dry Cleaners - Minneapolis MNStep 8 – Rack

The Best Cleaners computerized racking system uses barcodes to identify each invoice. When retrieving clothing, staff uses the barcode on your receipt to recognize quickly and efficiently each garment that was dropped off.

Step 9 – Pick Up

Whether it’s picked up by you or dropped off by one of our excellent drivers, we guarantee that you’ll receive freshly dry cleaned and carefully handled clothing.


The Best Cleaners experienced crew never takes short cuts when providing dry cleaning services to its customers. Contact us today!