Are you one of the few people that can shop the rack without clothing-fit frustration? You, my friend, are the envy of many.

For the rest of us, there are two choices – to wear ill-fitting clothes or have them tailored to perfection. Garments that don’t fit right are uncomfortable and can make you look less than professional. Is that how you want to come across?

iStock_000010808222Through the magic of a few clothing alterations, you’ll look more sophisticated, slimmer, and more attractive. Yes, all that from only a nip and tuck (we’re still talking clothes).

Not only can alterations transform our clothes into a wardrobe that looks and feels fantastic, but simple changes can also be a way to extend the life of our most favorite outfits. Whether it’s because of weight loss or trend changes, tailoring can help update clothing into something you’ll want to wear.

Before getting rid of those extra-long Oxford shirts, did you consider shortening them to the most flattering length? Are your wide-legged pants taking up space and ready for a new, more narrow life? Is that skirt’s length dreary and in need of some va-va-voom?

Save yourself a lot of money. Clothing alterations have a way of making your old clothes look new again.

Typical clothing modifications include:


  • Take in the sides
  • Lift the shoulders
  • Shorten straps
  • Take up the shirt’s shoulders to remedy a too-deep neckline
  • Shorten or lengthen sleeves
  • Remove or replace shoulder pads
  • Change button style
  • Shorten the length
  • Add shirt hooks or snaps to save you from potentially embarrassing situations


  • Shorten or lengthen
  • Take in at the sides
  • Add or shorten sleeves
  • Take in or let out the waist
  • Add dress hooks or snaps to save you from potentially embarrassing situations


  • Hem – shorten or lengthen pant
  • Narrow pant legs
  • Take in or let out the waist
  • Close pockets
  • Create cropped pants or shorts from full-length pants
  • Remove or add cuffs

This list could go on and on. From wedding dress and prom gowns to pant and skirt hems, the Twin Cities tailors at Best Cleaners can take care of all your sizing needs. Our experts are happy to answer all your questions when it comes to clothing fit.

Are you ready to look fabulous? Give our Minneapolis tailors a call today! Fittings are available at our Chanhassen and St. Louis Park dry cleaning locations.

With a committed to pampering our customers, we make convenience a top priority. You’ll always receive the highest standard of quality and professional service. Contact Best Cleaners today!