The rules of fashion are exhausting. Most of us can’t keep up with the latest trends, and we still don’t know if white can be worn after Labor Day. Let’s forgo these changing rules and focus on something easy – fashion killers.

Just Say No

Playing it Safe in Greige

Look for colors that enhance your complexion, not hues that make you blend into the background. Determine your season and pair a perfect color with a neutral staple in your wardrobe. Also, look for garments with interesting details. There’s nothing better than subtle print on a blouse.

Always Wearing the Same Old Black Pumps

Choosing the same black or brown shoes is easy. Understandable, they go with all your outfits. If you’ve become complacent about your shoe choice, it’s time to mix it up with some color or a print. People will envy your sense of adventure.

Dry Cleaning Minneapolis, Dry CleanersAlways Carrying the Same Black Purse

Purses, like clothing, need a seasonal change. The heavy dark bags that look perfect in the winter look out of place in the warmer months. Add some color and look for visual lightness.

Work Blunders

Baring It

Any clothes that reveal too much of the chest, back, shoulders, or legs are not suitable for the workplace. If you decide to go sleeveless, pair the shirt with pants instead of a shorter skirt.

Dressing Too Casually

Shoes – It’s never appropriate to wear flip flops at work (no, it doesn’t matter if they have jewels glued on them). This also applies to a sport or casual/strappy sandal.

Clothing – Workplace experts report that shorts should only be worn outside of the office. Shorts rarely look professional and often show too much skin. Other clothes that are too casual include sundresses, tank tops, golf shirts, and short tops. If it looks like you’re hitting the beach after work, you’ve picked the wrong outfit.

Wearing Something That’s Too Tight, Sexy, or See-Through

If you have a top that draws unnecessary attention, it’s not proper work attire. Any garment that distracts from you and your work should be left at home.

Just Don’t – Ever

Mom Jeans Never Look Good

A picture always comes to mind when you think of mom jeans (waistband up to the armpits, droopy seat, and baggy, shapeless legs). With hundreds of jeans out there that look good on all figures, you have no excuse for wearing jeans that don’t flatter your curves. Remember to check out the rear view before purchasing any pants or skirts!

Follow a Trend From Head-to-Toe

Unless you’re heading to Sturgis, the moto jacket, leather pants, biker boots, and bandana are too much. Never leave the house looking like you’re heading to a costume party (unless, of course, you are). Balance your outfit with professional and casual pieces.

No Explanation Needed Tips

If you’re not a teenager, please don’t dress like one

Unless you’re trying to get a laugh, avoid high heels or super tight skirts that you can’t walk in

Leave the jogging suit at home, unless you’re jogging

This is pretty common sense information, but sometimes, we all just need a little reminder.

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