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Like it or not, visual impressions matter. Unless you work exclusively from home, cultivating a professional wardrobe is a necessary expense. Wearing clothes that reflect your workplace culture helps you establish your identity as a serious player and can even communicate your ambition. A cohesive wardrobe which reflects your unique style and aspirations takes time to build, but it doesn’t have to break your budget. It’s worth your effort: Imagine effortlessly slipping into an appropriate and flattering outfit every morning of your workweek.                                                                      
If you’re not tuned into clothing, it’s time to develop your eye. Take an objective look around your workplace. Note what your peers wear, and also what people a notch or two above your position are wearing. Develop a sense of what you like and the message you want to convey.





Next, evaluate your existing wardrobe and identify some core pieces which make you feel great–they look good, they fit perfectly, and they’re fresh-looking, not worn out. Use these as a starting point and strategize where you need to fill in the gaps. When you’re just starting out, focus on the basics: well-tailored slacks, skirts, sport coats, and blazers in neutral solids and blouses and shirts in solids or subtle patterns. A versatile pair of shoes in black or brown and a professional-looking coat are essential.

Maybe shopping is probably not your natural pastime, so consider these tips as you build your working wardrobe:

Seek out quality: They may be priced higher, but well-built pieces will last longer and look better, especially when they’re foundation pieces like sport coats, slacks, suits, and shoes.

Shop the sales: The extra time and effort at sales racks and seasonal close-outs can pay off in big savings for high-quality clothing.

Duplicate your favorites: When a new acquisition becomes an instant favorite, buy a few in different colors. You won’t regret it.

Accessories matter: While overdoing it with accessories is seldom a good idea, a few signature items are key to adding variety and personal expression to your look. Consider incorporating something unique as a valuable conversation starter.

Cultivate a consistent style: With a consistent style and color palette, it’s easier to shop and to maintain a cohesive wardrobe in which pieces work well with each other.

Learn from compliments: When you get positive feedback–especially from people whose style you admire–let it help inform your wardrobe choices. It can be hard to view ourselves objectively, especially when it comes to identifying the most flattering colors.

Take care of your investment: Set up your closet so everything’s organized, easy to find, and not packed so tight it’s a perpetual wrinkle-fest. Wash and dry according to labels, and bring us your “dry clean only” items. Remember, at Best Cleaners we offer more than award winning dry cleaning. Come to us for these vital wardrobe maintenance services:

  • laundry
  • pressing
  • tailoring
  • alterations
  • leather, suede and fur cleaning
  • shoe repair and shining
  • free button replacement

We know you’re busy with your career, so we offer free pickup and delivery, too!