Area rugs have it tough. We trudge in all sorts of things on the bottom of our shoes; animals leave bodily fluids, dander, and hair on delicate rug fibers; and insects and their offspring are often lurking down below.

The odds are that you spent a lot of time picking out the perfect area rug for your room – one with patterns and colors to match your décor and personality. Why would you spend any less thought and care when it comes to cleaning and protecting it? Every area rug requires individualized care to maximize its life and durability.

carpets-315873_1280Regrettably, many people attempt to self-clean their area rugs. Our Minneapolis dry cleaners have heard horror stories about Persian rugs that were damaged due to aggressive cleaning or by using the wrong solvents and equipment. It may seem like a good idea to save some money by tackling dirt and smells by yourself, but that plan often goes sour because area rugs require a gentle and effective approach to cleaning that only dry cleaning can provide.

Do you have an area rug that’s located in a high traffic area? Experts recommend that you dry clean it every twelve to eighteen months, and more often if it’s visibly dirty or has an odor. Comparable to carpet, rugs act as air filters – trapping dirt, allergens, and bacteria. No need to replace an area rug though, it can be properly maintained through regular dry cleaning.

Our are rug dry cleaning process removes deep-down dirt, stains, pet spots, and allergens from your rugs while preserving the vibrancy of colors. Procedures for dry cleaning a rug are more complicated than one would think – particularly when it comes to natural fiber rugs such as wool, silk, or cotton. Did you know that natural fibers are sensitive to high pH chemicals, high heat, and too much agitation?

The Best Cleaners’ trained rug dry cleaning specialists know how to treat all types of fibers. From delicate silk to hearty synthetic rugs, we use only specialized tools, equipment, and chemicals designed for your rug’s particular fibers, weaves, and dyes.

Not only will your rug look better after a professional dry cleaning, it’ll provide a cleaner and healthier environment for your family. [Ah, deep breath.]

Dry Cleaning Pick UpTrust our Minneapolis dry cleaning experts to bring the freshness back to your soiled cotton weaves, musty wool, and delicate Orientals. Your area rugs are much too special to ignore.

Do you have an area rug that’s begging to be cleaned? Give our Minneapolis dry cleaners a call today. With a committed to pampering our customers, we make convenience a top priority. You’ll always receive the highest standard of quality and professional service.