Now that your taxes are filed and the weather’s warming up, are you feeling the urge to do some spring cleaning?
It’s a universal impulse: research into the origins of spring cleaning reveals that many cultures embrace the custom. In Iran, they call it “shaking the house,” and complete it by the Persian new year, which is the first day of spring. In China, a thorough cleaning also precedes the new year, to sweep away any bad luck and misfortune that’s accumulated. Jewish tradition demands a thorough cleaning before Passover, to ensure no leavened bread–not even a crumb–is in the house. The Catholic church traditionally cleans the altar and all the accouterments on Maundy Thursday, the day before Good Friday.

There’s also plenty of practical reasons that cleaning in spring comes so naturally. In the old days candles, wood fires and coal furnaces left a filthy residue throughout the house. When the weather warms, motivate the house can be opened up for fresh air and a good cleaning. Before vacuum cleaners and the huge volume of possessions families now own, folks would drag everything out of the house and really clean it top to bottom, and wash and clean all the furniture and beat the rugs outside.

One more thing might influence the urge to clean: biology. During the long dark winter, our melatonin production diminishes, which can contribute to low energy and Seasonal Affective Disorder. As the days lengthen and the wonderful sunshine returns, many of us feel a lift in our moods and our energy and get inspired to spruce things up.
If you’re feeling motivated, Best Cleaning has put together a checklist to help bring the fresh air of spring into your home. We’re keeping it short and sweet, but if you are a list-lover, search the internet, where you’ll find lists long and short, some of which are divided by room, printable, or even customizable.

So go forth and clean! Here are the ten tasks we consider top of the list:

1. Take your comforter to Best Cleaners for professional cleaning.
2. Remove your window treatments and get them dry cleaned. While they’re down, wash the interior windows and the
window trim, vacuum the curtain rod and dust the walls.
3. Dust and wash the baseboards.
4. Remove glass globes and shades from light fixtures and wash.
5. Scrub and re-seal tile grout.
6. Dust light fixtures and ceiling fans.
7. Vacuum out furnace vents.
8. Wash built-up grime and grease off kitchen walls.
9. Clean couches: beat the cushions outside and vacuum on all sides, including the bottom.
10.Maintain smoke detectors: remove detectors and vacuum them, and put in fresh batteries labeled with the date.