9 Step – Five Point Inspection of our Dry Cleaning Process

<b>Step 1 – Receive </b>
Step 1 – Receive
The first step of the dry cleaning process is the receiving of the clothing. You drop off your clothes inside one of our five locations, at the drive-thru window at our St. Louis Park location, or we pick up your clothing ourselves.
<b>Step 2 – Tag</b>
Step 2 – Tag
Our first point of inspection occurs when we identify each item’s individual cleaning needs, checking everything from buttons to stains, and tagging each clothing item as needed.
<b>Step 3 – Pre-spot</b>
Step 3 – Pre-spot
At our second point of inspection, we use a steam gun, spotting bone, and select spotting agents to pre-treat any problem areas on the clothing.
<b>Step 4 – Dry Clean</b>
Step 4 – Dry Clean
We use some of the newest, most innovative machines in the industry. Our machines are both washers and dryers – so the clothes go in dry and come out dry as well. These machines also use a safe hydro carbon cleaning solvent. So, in addition to being good for your clothes, they are also environmentally friendly as well.
<b>Step 5 – Press</b>
Step 5 – Press
Every item of clothing is hand pressed, and this is where our third point of inspection happens. While your clothes are given a great finishing touch, they are also checked for lint, missing and broken buttons, or any other imperfections.
<b>Step 6 – Quality Control</b>
Step 6 – Quality Control
This step – our fourth point of inspection – is for just that, inspection. Here, we take the time to make sure that absolutely nothing has been missed, so we can return your clothing to you looking the way it did when you pulled it off the rack – if not better!
<b>Step 7 – Bag</b>
Step 7 – Bag
At our fifth and final point of inspection, we remove all the tags we used on the clothing, make sure the order is complete, and bag the clothing with the appropriate invoice.
<b>Step 8 – Rack</b>
Step 8 – Rack
Our computerized racking system uses barcodes to identify each invoice individually. When you come in to retrieve your clothing, we use the barcode on your receipt to quickly and efficiently return your clothing to you.
<b>Step 9 – Pick Up</b>
Step 9 – Pick Up
At our final step, you pick up your freshly cleaned and carefully handled clothing. As promised!