It’s starting to feel a bit like sweater weather. Let our Minneapolis dry cleaners ensure your sweaters will look great this season!

Always start the fall out right by critically assessing the quality of your stored garments. Do you see little holes in your sweaters? This could be a sign that they weren’t cleaned properly before storing for the season. Insects just love food and beverages left on garments and will feed on stains leading to weakened fibers and holes.

Minneapolis Dry Cleaners, Dry Cleaning You might notice that after months in the closet, your sweaters are looking stretched out and less than ideal. Unlike having to toss a sweater with a hole, you probably won’t need to throw a sweater that’s lost its shape. Dry cleaning is an excellent way to get stretched out sweaters back into shape.

Once your sweater collection is back in shape for the season, when should you take them to the dry cleaners? Well, this depends on the specific situation.

Let’s say you have a small spill. Sometimes all it takes is simply spot cleaning the sweater by gently blotting the fabric with clean water. But other times, complex stains (such as mustard or wine) require the fast action of a dry cleaner.

Are wool sweaters machine-washable?

Unless noted differently on the care label, machine-washing wool is a no-no. Washing wool in a machine will damage the fabric and likely ruin your sweater. The gentle nature of dry cleaning is essential for wool or wool blends. Cotton can be dry cleaned, and hand or gentle machine washing is also an option for non-stubborn stains (check the label).

Can I hand-wash sweaters?

You’ll be able to hand wash some, but not all, sweaters. Simply check their care labels. When hand washing a sweater:

  1. Turn it inside out.
  2. Fill the sink with water (check the care label for water temperature). Add a small amount of a quality clothes detergent and lightly mix it into the water. Do not add chlorine bleach.
  3. Gently push the sweater into the water and let it soak for 20 minutes. Take care not to push, pull, or agitate.
  4. Carefully rinse with water to ensure the removal of all soap.
  5. Drain the sweater for a few minutes.
  6. Lay the sweater on a flat towel and then carefully roll it up (no wringing/rubbing). If needed, repeat with a second towel.
  7. Lay face up on a dry towel and shape the sweater.
  8. Dry overnight.
  9. The following day, turn over the sweater and shape it on a dry towel.

What else can I do to help my sweaters look great?

Sweaters, regardless of the fabric, should not be hung. Doing this will most likely cause them to stretch and lose their shape. Carefully fold your sweaters and put them into loose piles. Remove lint and hair with a soft brush.

Through proper cleaning techniques, you can add many years to the lifespan of each sweater – so choose classic ones!

You don’t want to spend hours handwashing and cleaning your delicate clothes and sweaters? Let Best Cleaners cater to your needs with quality dry cleaning services. We’re committed to pampering our customers and make convenience a top priority by offering dry cleaning delivery. You’ll always receive the highest standard of quality and professional service at all of our Minneapolis dry cleaning locations.

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