Congratulations on your recent wedding!

The chaos is over, and it’s time to settle into your new life. All you need to do now is reminisce over the hundreds of wedding pictures and further preserve the memories of this precious date.

Months were spent picking out a wedding gown. It was absolutely perfect. But don’t stop yet, there’s one more step. It’s time to preserve this family keepsake.

During the wedding day, your dress did a great job of collecting remnants of the occasion. Let’s find all the culprits:

  • Oil from your skin, perspiration, self-tanner smudge, and a lipstick smear from Aunt Mabel (rubbed from your cheek and onto the dress)
  • Dirt from the outdoor pictures
  • Wine, champagne, and beer slosh (probably Uncle George)
  • Cake stains

It’s okay, don’t fret. These are all signs of having a terrific time!

At Best Cleaners, we understand the importance of gown preservation. Our wedding dress dry cleaners have the training and expertise to treat visible stains and seek out those unseen stains that, without professional cleaning, would oxidize and turn brown over time. We’ll evaluate the fabric, care label, beading, and other fine details to determine how to best clean your dress.

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After a professional cleaning, folding, and packaging in acid-free materials, it is highly recommended that you store the gown in cool, dry place. Attics, basements, or spaces exposed to direct sunlight are not good storage areas because heat can cause discoloration/yellowing and dampness can lead to mildew.

Now that’s not pretty.

Our dry cleaning company also recommends that you take a peek at your dress every two to three years. However, don’t forget about the oils on your hands! Wear cotton gloves to minimize future stains.

With a little help from the dry cleaner staff at Best Cleaners, keeping your gown in good condition can be easy. Trust us to provide a cleaned-up version of your magnificent wedding day with expert wedding dress dry cleaning and preservation services.

Remember, our dry cleaning services are available for free pickup and delivery. David, our delivery service manager, can be reached at 952-934-2609.